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Achieve high resiliency of your employees through one click stop shop cybersecurity awareness solution on the market. 

The Only Security Awareness Training Solution That Works. Xeek presents CybeReady. Autonomous Cybersecurity Learning Platform that will change employee behaviour. Including phishing simulations, awareness bites and audit ready solution. 

From Cyber Security Awareness to Employee Readiness - in a Single Click

Ensure continuous compliance with latest regulations (NIS2, DORA, ...) through cybersecurity awareness.

Train Every Employee, Every Month (in 42 languages)

Deploy 8x more phishing simulations (compared with industry average) and ongoing cybersecurity awareness bites without any IT effort. Training sessions are automatically distributed and personalized per employees’ role, location, and performance to achieve 100% continuous workforce training and increased engagement.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets


CybeReady’s real-time data platform enables performance monitoring and improvement tracking of your entire organization with powerful dashboards and reports.

Change Your Corporate Employee Behavior Towards Cyberattacks


Our end-to-end corporate cyber security training platform is driven by data science and is proven to change employee behavior, decrease employee high-risk group by 82%, and increase employee resilience score by 5x, within months of training.

The world has changed, hackers are one step ahead

85 %

of attacks are human related

36 %

of attacks are pure phishing related

Verified by clients:

“With a lean security team in place and employees

in both corporate and industrial roles, we needed to

find a way to engage all employees in the training

program without taxing our team. CybeReady’s

autonomous training platform runs by itself and

trains 100% of the employees year-round with

optimal results.”

Automotive Industry

Volkswagen Group

35,000 employees

How Efficiency Leads to Stronger Performance - A Case Study with Head of Information & Cyber Security Governance at CEZ

Autonomous Cybersecurity Learning Platform


Phishing Simulations

  • Automated

  • Localized

  • Fully Managed


Awareness Bites

  • Frequency & Variety

  • In the Inbox Content

  • Total Immersion


Compliance Module

  • Frequency & Variety

  • In the Inbox Content

  • Total Immersion

Automated. Works for you


  • Recommendation engine (ML)

  • Auto-Pilot Option

  • Risk-based training, adapts to risk changes

  • Manager and Periodic reports

  • Measurable and actional results

Continuous training. Works all the time

85 %

decrease in employees high-risk groups within less than 12 months*

*at least 3 monthly engagement / employee

Want to see what a sample pishing email or report looks like?

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