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Discover our carefully packaged products that many customer find useful to start with. Contact us for more details or for commercial offer. Our products offer multi language support covering whole Europe.

Security Awareness Computer-Based Training


Endpoint Security Solutions are software that secures endpoints (laptops, mobile devices, etc.) by providing antivirus, intrusion detection, web filtering, and data loss prevention features, among others, protecting against cyber threats even in remote or mobile environments.

Security Awareness Computer-Based Training


Privileged Password Management is a security practice that securely stores, rotates, and monitors privileged account credentials to prevent unauthorized access and enforce accountability, using specialized software tools to manage and protect privileged passwords.

Security Awareness Computer-Based Training


Vulnerability scanning is an automated process that detects and assesses security weaknesses in computer systems, networks, and applications, generating reports with recommendations for mitigation.

Security Awareness Computer-Based Training


Security Awareness Computer-Based Training is an autonomous continuous online course that teaches individuals how to protect themselves and their organization from cyber threats through interactive modules and simulations.


From Cyber Security Awareness to Employee Readiness - in a Single Click

Ensure continuous compliance with latest regulations (NIS2, DORA, ...) through cybersecurity awareness.

The NIS2 Directive

Maximise your cybersecurity compliance with NIS2 and ZKB directives.

Our team enhances your cybersecurity by assessing your current state against NIS2 requirements, identifying improvement areas, and implementing tailored security measures. We provide continuous monitoring and incident response (CSIRT) to ensure resilience against cyber threats, offering a comprehensive, compliant solution for IT experts.


Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Are you ready?

DORA is a European Union regulation which aims to improve standards within the financial services sector by harmonizing existing rules on ICT Governance, ICT Risk Management, ICT Incident Reporting, Resilience Testing, ICT Third-Party Management and Information sharing for all financial institutions.

It's good to start preparing now!

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