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Maximise your cybersecurity compliance with NIS2

The NIS2 Directive is an essential update to EU legislation that extends its reach to protect more than 6,000 companies and organizations across critical infrastructure and important sectors in the Czech Republic. Prepare your team with our expert guidance on implementing multi-factor authentication, mastering incident response, and ensuring continuous operational integrity.


Join the vanguard of entities secured against cyber threats and fortify your defenses with NIS2 with Xeek. Don't wait – consulting capacities are getting low!

New EU directive on cyber security > NIS2

The NIS2 Directive is a part of European Union legislation that imposes stricter cybersecurity obligations on entities operating in various critical infrastructure sectors, as well as important sectors. EU cybersecurity regulation introduced in 2016 was updated by the NIS Directive, which came into force in 2023.

The changes that the European security directive NIS2 brings are so fundamental that the National Cyber Security Institute has proceeded to this task by preparing a completely new law on cyber security and its regulations.


The new NIS2 directive and therefore the New law on cyber security (NZKB) will affect more than 6,000 companies and organisations in the Czech Republic. The original NIS framework covered about 450 entities.


Who will be affected by NIS2 regulation?

The primary way of determining if a private or public organisation is regulated by the Directive is by simultaneously meeting the following two rules:

the organisation provides at least one service listed in the appendices of the Directive (e.g. energy services, healthcare, rail transport, postal services, electrical equipment manufacturing, financial services, etc.) and at the same time


is a medium or large enterprise, i.e. employs 50 or more employees, or has an annual revenue or balance total of at least EUR 10 million (approximately CZK 250 million)

It will introduce extensive obligations for which they will risk large penalties (up to tens of millions of crowns) for non-compliance.


The NIS 2 requirements will be implemented in the Czech Cybersecurity Act during 2024. The final responsibility for this belongs to the top management of the organization!

50+ employees
EUR 10+ million


and Employee Training
Strategic Management
and Role Definition







Addressing Critical




of Security Policies


Regular Backup

and Monitoring



of Cryptography


Supply Chain



Access Security and Asset Management


Business Continuity Management

and Disaster Recovery



of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Maximise your cybersecurity compliance with NIS2 and ZKB directives.

We'll analyze the current state of your cybersecurity ...

We will provide a deep analysis of your current level of cybersecurity at the technology, people and process level.


We will identify potential security gaps and areas for improvement.


We will recommend relevant solutions and further steps to treat the identified risks.

We will make a differential comparison with the NIS2 requirements ...

We will assess how your current situation corresponds to the NIS2 requirements.


We will provide specific recommendations to achieve full compliance.

We can help you implement security measures ...

We design and implement or help to implement technical security solutions (SIEM, VMDR, PAM, etc.).


We can help implement or optimize organizational solutions where technological solutions are not sufficient.


We will help with providing training programs for employees with regard to current security risks.

We will provide a solution and team to ensure continuous security monitoring and incident response (CSIRT).

Act now to enhance your cybersecurity

Our expert team is ready to conduct

a comprehensive analysis, identify security gaps, and implement robust solutions, but our consulting capacity is filling up quickly, so secure your spot today!

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