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Maximise your cybersecurity compliance with DORA directives

DORA is a European Union regulation which aims to improve standards within the financial services sector by harmonizing existing rules on ICT Governance, ICT Risk Management, ICT Incident Reporting, Resilience Testing, ICT Third-Party Management and Information sharing for all financial institutions.

It's good to start preparing now!

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

The EU strives to make sure that the financial organizations mitigate the risks stemming from increasing dependence on ICT systems and service providers for critical operations.


Financial organizations have to be able to “withstand, respond and recover” from the ICT incidents enabling them to sustain delivering the critical and important service, together with minimizing both the customers and the financial sector disruptions.


The new standards must be implemented by mid-January 2025.


Who will be affected by DORA regulation?

DORA regulation will have a broad impact across the financial sector in the European Union. It applies to a wide range of financial institutions and certain critical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service providers.

all the financial entities – Banks, Investment and Insurance Companies, Data reporting Providers and Payment Processors


ICT Third-Party service Providers (any provider of digital and data services, including hardware as a service, to at least one financial institution) in the financial sector


Key 6 components


Identifying and mitigating ICT threats.


Monitoring third-party

risk providers.


Reporting of major

ICT-related incidents

to competent authorities.


Monitor, assess

and defend facility.


Evaluating ICT system endurance by periodical TLPT.


Frameworks for effective ICT management.

Maximise your cybersecurity compliance with DORA directives!

We'll analyze the current state of your cybersecurity ...

We will provide a deep analysis of your current level of cybersecurity at the technology, people and process level.


We will identify potential security gaps and areas for improvement.


We will recommend relevant solutions and further steps to treat the identified risks.

We can help you to set up a comprehensive ICT risk management framework ...

We will help yout to Identify, classify  and document critical functions and assets.


We will help you to put in place dedicated and comprehensive Business continuity Policies and Disaster and Recovery Plans.

We offer you Resilience Testing ...

We will perform ICT testing of ICT tools and systems.


We will perform advanced Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT) for ICT services.  

We can help you implement security measures ...


We design and implement or help to implement technical security solutions (SIEM, VMDR, PAM, etc.).

We can help implement or optimize organizational solutions where technological solutions are not sufficient.

We will provide a solution and team to ensure continuous security monitoring and incident response (CSIRT).

Act now to enhance your cybersecurity

Our expert team is ready to conduct

a comprehensive analysis, identify security gaps, and implement robust solutions, but our consulting capacity is filling up quickly, so secure your spot today!

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